Seedbox by Starlight

As part of my residency at Seedbox, Environmental Humanities Collaboratory, for one month during Autumn 2016, I created a series of interventions and poetic writing. The first is a collection, Seedbox by Starlight. The second is a Future Makers Compass to navigate research projects by. The third are Seeds for a Seedbox University, which you can plant and nurture…

Seedbox by Starlight

To be situated (in Donna Haraway’s sense) is, in part, to look up and see the constellations and their stories. They whirl around the pole star, Polaris, and shift with your location on the planet, your location in the seasons, and your location in that moment at night. Epistemes come with some stars, and not others. When I was invited to be artist and poet in residence at Seedbox and I landed on ‘planet Seedbox’ my first instinct was to look up (so to speak) and to ask what constellations glowed overhead. For me to learn and respond to how Seedbox is situated as a project was always going to be a matter of storytelling its guiding stars.

The Seedbox night’s sky is filled with the fabulous creatures that roam the Seedbox project (I learned about the Prion, the Ants, the Tick, and more). Here are the stories of the constellations over Seedbox…


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