Seedbox: Future Makers Compass

As part of my residency at Seedbox, Environmental Humanities Collaboratory, for one month during Autumn 2016, I created a series of interventions and poetic writing. The first is a poetry collection, Seedbox by Starlight. The second is a Future Makers Compass to navigate research projects by. The third are Seeds for a Seedbox University, which you can plant and nurture…

Future Makers Compass

There are so many directions that a research project might head in, so many worlds that might be visited through different forms of writing and practice. Here is a compass with some known directions that social and cultural research might take towards new worlds.

However, there are an infinite number of directions. Please email me with further compass directions (or with corrections to the existing compass).


bookicon-smallDownload A3 (poster) version to print



Read and download A4 version (pdf)bookicon-small



Example Segment


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