Nemesis on the Anthropocene

Lexicon for an Anthropocene Yet Unseen is a series published on the Cultural Anthropology journal website. It is a collection of short articles that asks, “What would it take, we wonder, to see this time and its configurations, agencies, and effects otherwise? With this lexicon we hope to develop a resource that is helpful for this task.”

As part of this wonderfully lateral and growing lexicon and redefinitions, I was asked to create an entry, and wrote a piece on (and by) ‘Nemesis’.

This publication is a short story and a reflection by the figure of the Electric Nemesis on how she senses the anthropocene–what it smells like to her. “Anthropocene. It has a too-sweet, cloying scent. Hubris. Its reek has reached me on the solar wind…” she says…


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Watts, Laura. 2016. “Nemesis.” Theorizing the Contemporary, Cultural Anthropology website, September 30, 2016.