“Speculative futures written from empirical evidence”

I have over 25 years experience collaborating across academia, industry and local communities – from Intel and Mozilla, to the European Marine Energy Centre and islanders in Orkney. Speculatives futures are always made in collaboration. I’m available for workshops, strategic consultancy, mentorship, and keynotes.

Read my resumé for some previous highlights, or just get in contact to share ideas.

Writing Workshops

I offer small group writing workshops on Speculative Futures. These are practice-based spaces for students, academics, or professionals, to experiment with diverse writing methods to generate their own speculative worlds based on their current research or interests.

These writing workshops allow you to work with your empirical and qualitative evidence in new ways. They explore how literary writing techniques can be used to make your futures, from your own work, otherwise.

I’ve run these workshops for over ten different international universities and organisations, from Rachel Carson Center for Environment & Society LMU Munich to Uppsala University.

Ideal number is 6-10 people per workshop, for a half day. I run these online, but can integrate them into a longer visit in person. Please get in touch if you’re interested in me running a workshop for you and your colleagues.

Writing Mentorship

I’m now taking on academic writers who are keen to develop their speculative and experimental writing. You will join a mentoring group to provide collaborative support as well as individual guidance. Mentorship will last for a fix period (e.g. 6 months) negotiated with the institution. Let me know if that seems interesting.