Postcards from Three Edges

Endre Dányi, Lucy Suchman, and myself returned to our Relocating Innovation project to reflect on the postcards method we developed in our project. To find unexpected connections between our three disparate sites of innovation – the Hungarian Parliament, Silicon Valley, and the Orkney islands – we wrote and sent postcards to each other online from our fieldsites and then made them into a physical pack of cards to work together with.

This book chapter is our moment of pause, where we took the time to consider what we did, what mattered, and how others might take this method and develop it further.

The chapter is available as part of the book Experimenting with Ethnography: A Companion to Analysis, edited by Andrea Ballestero and Brit Ross Winthereik. You can also download the original pack of Relocating Innovation postcards.

see Experimenting with Ethnography at Duke University Press