Graphic novel published

Unda: A Graphic Novel of Energy Encounters has finally hit the shelves and screens!

Over a year in the making, this graphic chapter is a massive collaboration with the fabulous Cymene Howe (Professor of Anthropology at Rice University) and Geoffrey C. Bowker (Professor at Department of Informatics UCI), with the amazing graphic illustrator Neil Ford, and lettering by Rob Jones.

Unda is a figure that travels between our ethnographic fieldsites. She encounters energy viscerally on her body. Her story is one of transformation and mutation…

We preface the graphic novel with a discussion of why we wrote this graphic novel and the long histories of graphic novels and illustrated writing in academic work.

The chapter is part of the edited volume Energy Worlds in Experiment from Mattering Press, all of which is Open Access and free to download and read.

Download and read Unda (Open Access)