Energy Worlds in Experiment

With 20 different authors, a card game, five theses, a graphic novel, an interview, pages to cut out, and much more, Energy Worlds in Experiment is just that. And it’s Open Access and free to download as well.

This beautifully illustrated (by Neil Ford) edited book is published by Mattering Press and was created as the result of a collaborative workshop at the end of the Alien Energy research project at IT University of Copenhagen. It is edited by James Maguire, Brit Ross Winthereik and myself, and features many fantastic academic authors across Science & Technology Studies (STS) and Anthropology.

Energy Worlds in Experiment is an experiment in writing about energy and an exploration of energy infrastructures as experiments. Twenty authors have written collaborative chapters that examine energy politics and practices, from electricity cables and energy monitors to swamps and estuaries.

Each chapter proposes a unique format to tell energy worlds differently and to stimulate energy imaginaries: thesis, propositions, interviews, stories, card games, and a graphic novel. The book offers practitioners, students, and scholars a range of new tools to help think, engage and critique energy politics, practices and infrastructures.”

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Graphic novel chapter