Poetry and Writing

Part manifesto, part compilation, this chapter explains how and why the words we choose make a difference to the futures we make. Drawing on philosophy and histories of science, as well as Ursula K. Le Guin, this chapter is about the rythmn in our scientific writing, and is rythmn in writing.

All academics are professional writers, and “we are world weavers, and our looms are the machines we choose to knit out world.”

“You set up your writing style one way, and you make a particular world. You set up your writing style a different way, and perhaps you will make a different world.”

The chapter is part of Transmissions: Critical tactics for making and communicating research, edited Kat Jungnickel, and published by MIT Press. A really stunning book, with pull out catalogue cards, copious colour photography, carefully designed pages, and a great many important arguments and writing, this is a joy to be part of.

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