The Draukie’s Tale poem published in anthology

‘The Draukie’s Tale: Origin Myth for Wave Energy’ poem (first published in the edited collection, Ebban an’ Flowan) has been published for a new audience in Energy Humanities: an Anthology, edited by Imre Szeman and Dominic Boyer (published by John Hopkins University Press). It’s a behemoth 300 page book with almost 50 articles, ranging from poetry to essays by well-known fiction authors to academic chapters.

Energy Humanities: an Anthology curates “the best and most influential work in energy humanities. Arguing that today’s energy and environmental dilemmas are fundamentally problems of ethics, habits, imagination, values, institutions, belief, and power… [offering] compelling possibilities for finding our way beyond our current energy dependencies toward a sustainable future.”

The book also includes writing by Margaret Atwood, Italo Calvino, Dipesh Chakrabarty, Gabrielle Hecht, Cymene Howe, Graeme Macdonald, Joseph Masco, Timothy Mitchell… the list goes on.



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