Orkney Cloud tech magazine

As part of our Mozilla Research Grant funded project, Orkney Cloud, I am really excited to announce the publication of our first Orkney Cloud magazine.

The magazine is an anthology of Orkney Cloud incubated projects and inspirations; a weaving together of people and possibilities that could become an Orkney Cloud. And it is not comprehensive. At present, we have thirteen separate projects being incubated in the Orkney Cloud, services ranging from tourism to transport, from archaeology to addressing fuel poverty.

We invited contributions from those who are building the Orkney Cloud, islanders who are already weaving energy and data networks together, to explain their projects and share their futures.

It also includes my fabled science fiction short story called ‘Data Howe’ – those who about the haunted Neolithic chambered tombs, such as Maeshowe, may perhaps have a sense of where that fable may lead…

Read Orkney Cloud magazine (including ‘Data Howe’ either:

Download online (as pdf)

Read online (via Issuu)