Liveable Data

As part of a book in honour of the late, great John Urry, I wrote a low-carbon science fiction around the concept of ‘Liveable Data’ – those who know Urry’s work will hear the conversation with his concept of ‘Liveable City’.

This is a Speculative Fabulation, which draws on my experiences working with John Urry at Lancaster University, and on his book ‘What is the Future?’ – quotes from which form the basis of my conversation with him. Of course, it also draws on my ethnographic research in Orkney, where I have been collaborating with the islanders on their energy and data futures.

The chapter is published in the book ‘Mobilities and Complexities‘ available from Routledge (Taylor Francis) in all formats, including eBook.

As ever, I’m always interested in people’s thoughts on both content and writing method…

Watts, Laura (2018) ‘Liveable Data: A Low Carbon Science Fiction’, in Ole B. Jensen, Sven Kesselring, Mimi Sheller (eds), Mobilities and Complexities: Reflections on Post-Carbon Social Science. London: Routledge.