Planned Edge: Planning Issues at the Land/Sea Interface

Report from Public Workshop on the ongoing issues for the future of the marine energy industry, as it struggles with the planning disjuncture between land and sea.

Marine energy projects, such as tide and wave energy generators, cross the land sea divide. Will this create conflict between the systems that govern that allocation of marine space and those that control onshore development? How might we reconsider marine and terrestrial planning to support community participation and local ownership?

With Sandy Kerr and Kate Johnson at the International Centre for Island Technology, Heriot-Watt University, we ran a Public Workshop at the international conference on Environmental Interactions of Marine Renewable Energy Technologies (EIMR) in May 2012.

This workshop focused on the divisions (and mixtures) between land and sea, the difference in marine and land governance, and the consequences of this for marine energy development. Both industry and policy-makers attended and helped us to develop a report.

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* Workshop funded by the Natural Environment Research Council.