Pixels and Pencils Wordmap

As part of my performance paper at Nordic STS this year, at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, I created a Wordmap to guide visitors through my world-made-in-words, a world made from my fieldsite in Orkney.

It reflects on the machines we choose to make our worlds, and our futures.

The performance featured this wordmap, a reading from the Data Stories book, and an extract from a video installation of Hoy island.


bookicon-small Create your own Wordmap: Down the file.

Instructions: print it with the following settings: A3 paper, full bleed (print to the edge of the paper), double sided. Lay it down as below (image up) and fold it in half. Then fold the front panel back, flip it over, and fold the back panel back. This creates the folds of a map. Finally, fold it all in half. Now you have a Wordmap…


wordmap skaill