Orkney Cloud: a living laboratory

Orkney Cloud Forum is a living laboratory for cloud services at the network edge. Instead of distant, centralised data storage and processing, how might local cloud services support socialised, shared, and distributed data processing?

In a community forum on Orkney, we are imagining and creating community-led managed cloud services at the edge, where the internet is thin, but the social networks are thick – and the environmental resource to power data processing is huge. Orkney regularly generates over 100% of its energy needs from its local renewable energy.

This forum and long-term project has begun with funding from a Mozilla Research Grant.

At the end of the year we plan to have a specific Orkney Cloud proposal ready for implementation, in collaboration with island partners and organisations.

The project ended in 2018, when we published our Orkney Cloud magazine with our detailed proposals and community writing.


Read more about the project on the Orkney Cloud website.