Letter from the Electric Nemesis

“Beside a sun-glazed canal in Copenhagen we met for the first time, and realised we shared a similar secret. We were both professional academics and profes- sional artists, but had found that our arts practice was not always visible to our colleagues in Science Studies.” –extract from ‘Letters from Wanna Wonder and the Electric Nemesis’.

The Electric Nemesis appeared, in the flesh electric, during the 4S/EASST 2016 conference in Barcelona. This was an improvised performance, in collaboration with ‘Wanna Wonder’ a clown figure.

What did we experience during our improvisation, and what happened? What knowledges and worlds did we make as part of that academic conference, as we walked among the Science and Technology Studies crowd?

We wrote this short article in the EASST Review to reflect on, and explore, our performance…

bookicon-smallRead Letters from Wanna Wonder and the Electric Nemesis, EASST Review 2016, 35 (4), by Anna Mann and Laura Watts