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Feeding the insatiable: art and energy creative summit

9 November 2016 - 11 November 2016

The wonderful Schumacher College in Devon is organising an international summit on Art and Energy at Dartington Hall, Feeding the Insatiable, real and imagined narratives of art and energy. They’ve asked me to join them as Keynote speaker, alongside LandArt Generator Initiative eco-artists, Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian, and Chris Fremantle from Eco/Art/Scot/land. Looks like it should be a well-honed mixture of artists and scientists thinking otherwise. Event diary: 9 – 11 November.

Walking with Energy– under sea and over stone

Energy is an old, wily creature to walk with. It rises from the heat of the Earth’s core, falls in a sunbeam, comes with the tide to form cliffs. It takes people and places, time and technology, to transform and transport energy (it can never be destroyed). How to walk with this ethereal power, and tell its stories? How to imagine and write its futures?

For the last eight years I have been walking with people and places involved in marine renewable energy in the Orkney islands, Scotland, site of the European Marine Energy Centre. Orkney is at the edge of the UK and yet it lives in an energy future only dreamed elsewhere. I’ve been walking with marine energy as it flows under sea and over stone, through metal and fibre optics, alongside mariners and biologists. As an ethnographer and poet, I have been exploring this energy future in writing that is both empirical science and poetic- from a poetic guide to marine energy to an ‘energy walk’ installation in the landscape. These weave the technological and social, with the mythic and imagined. In this talk, I will explore how to imagine and write energy futures otherwise, energy futures that are inseparable from the landscape, sea, and stones from which they rise and form.



9 November 2016
11 November 2016


Dartington Hall, Devon
United Kingdom