Alien Energy Fanzine

As part of our ongoing collaboration with those involved in marine energy, both in Denmark and in Orkney islands, we developed a ‘fanzine’–a fan magazine, inspired by the cut-and-paste interventions during the 1970s. This handcrafted booklet was composed during a workshop by the Alien Energy research team and many of those we are working with in the marine energy industry.

A fanzine (fan magazine) is often an intervention into existing, dominant understandings; it takes existing material and reformats and repurposes it. We used this paper-based format to explore and experiment with how Science Studies and anthropology approaches could form a dialogue with the marine energy industry and its imaginaries – what might move back and forth?

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Those who participated in the creation of the Alien Energy Fanzine were, the Alien Energy research team (Louise Torntoft Jensen, James Maguire, Laura Watts, Brit Ross Winthereik), and…

Jan Krogh, DanWEC Advisor
Hans Christian Sørensen, Wavedragon
Jens Peter Kofoed, Aalborg University
Gareth Davies, Aquatera, Orkney Islands
Sandy Kerr, Heriot Watt University, Orkney Islands
Enrique Vidal Sanchez, Wavestar
Erik Skaarup, Danish Wave Energy Association
Julia Fernandes Chozas, Aalborg University
Lucy Suchman, Lancaster University
Philippe Bonnet, IT University of Copenhagen
Kjell Yngve Petersen, IT University of Copenhagen