Portfolio of Futures

My work and practice, as both scholar and artist, is focused on how the future is imagined and made– and how it can be otherwise. Through attention to the landscapes that are inextricably woven in to the futures that are made in them, and the exploration of different writing methods that might open up the imaginary and alter the worlds we make (‘speculative futures’) I am making futures otherwise. Or rather, some futures, in some places, a little otherwise…

The following is a portfolio of artworks and writing, both artistic and scholarly, I have produced over the years. It’s grouped by the particular domains I’ve been working at, and the people and organisations I have been collaborating with…


Energy Futures

With a particular focus on renewable energy at the edge (smart grids, hydrogen fuel, marine energy, community generation) and derived from my ongoing ethnographic collaboration in Orkney islands, Scotland, site of the European Marine Energy Centre. View portfolio

Academic Futures

With calls for Slow Science research that has time to act with care, in contrast to an ever more rapacious audit culture, how might a different kind of academia come to be; this work derives from my attention as an Artist in Residence in my own academic world. View portfolio

Data Futures

The hyperbolae and hubris around ‘data’ (especially so-called Big Data) seems unending; what other kinds of imaginaries are possible for our data worlds. View portfolio

Telecoms Futures

Stone Axe and Mobile PhoneAfter almost ten years working inside the telecoms industry, moving from visionary mobile phone design to business strategy, I returned as an ethnographer and artist; this is my response to former colleagues caught in Moore’s Law and Ubiquity. View portfolio

Transport Futures

How to reimagine public transport through an attention to the pleasures of travel and our travel time; some methods, guides, and proposals. View portfolio