Travel-Time Use in the Information Age

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Travel Remedy Kit on BBC Radio 4
The Travel Remedy Kit was featured on the BBC Radio 4 'You and Yours' programme. To listen again to the feature please visit the BBC 'You and Yours - Travel' website.

ATOC Sponsored Workshop
We are pleased to announce that Association of Train Operating Companies sponsored our workshop in September. The event debated our findings and translated them into practical insights and recommendations for the public transport sector.

Create your own Travel Remedy Kit
For the final part of the research a 'Travel Remedy Kit' was developed based on all the results of the project. Designed to prevent boredom and improve the experience of travel-time, it is now available on the website for everyone to try.

Photography Scrapbook online
Many of the photographs taken as part of the ethnographic research are now online. They provide a visual insight into many familiar and less familiar places and practices involved in travel by public transport.

We exist in a society within which 'life on the move' is increasingly common, and supported by a growing array of mobile information and communication technologies. The research aimed to develop an understanding of travel-time use and explore ways in which public transport providers and passengers can benefit from this.

This research is relevant to transport operators, those who provide 'meeting places' en route, policy-makers, and the research community.

This was an academic research project at Centre for Transport & Society at University of the West of England, and the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University. It represented the novel coming together of two new research groups: a transport group with an interest in social science, and a social science group with an interest in transport. The project was funded by the EPSRC.

For more information please contact Professor Glenn Lyons at Centre for Transport & Society, University of the West of England.