Academic Publications

For a complete list of my academic publications, please see…

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Catastrophes and Promises

Catastrophes and Promises is a book of fragments. It was…

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This is not a poem

This piece was composed and performed for the STS Problems…

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Doggerland Citizen

Doggerland looks out and upwards, across the sea and towards…

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Smart Power

In March, the UK National Infrastructure Commission released a report…

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Orkney Standard Time

“This is how I was born, how my creator, Victor…

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Ebban An’ Flowan, a poetic primer for marine renewable energy

Ebban an’ flowan is the world’s first poetic primer on…

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Invisible Work in Marine Energy

Free to download. A collection of seven cards demonstrating the…

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wordmap skaill

Pixels and Pencils Wordmap

As part of my performance paper at Nordic STS this…

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Zombie Futures in the Mobile Telecoms Industry

Read book chapter Future Archaeology: Re-Animating Innovation in the Mobile…

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Poem for an Entangled Age

Poem for an Entangled Age, handcrafted book. This poem was…

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Design Mailboat

This book chapter began as a performance keynote at 4S/EASST…

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Energy as Alien

In collaboration with my colleague on the Alien Energy project,…

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The Work of a Poetic Ethnographer

In September 2014 I gave a paper-performance on my poetic…

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Energy Walk Album

Energy Walk

The ‘Energy Walk’ is an ethnographic installation in the landscape.…

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Living at the End of the World

I was asked to perform a keynote that spoke to…

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Liminal Futures

I am delighted that my prose-poem ‘Liminal Futures’ has now…

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Data Stories

This art book is my second collaboration with Orkney publisher…

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Alien Energy Fanzine friction page

Alien Energy Fanzine

As part of our ongoing collaboration with those involved in…

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Travel Guide to the Futures

In a collaborative 2-day workshop Making Futures, Challenging Innovation at…

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