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The Electric Nemesis
In March, the UK National Infrastructure Commission released a report on how the electricity grid needs to change in order to keep the lights on, and meet [...]
Orkney Standard Time
“This is how I was born, how my creator, Victor Frankenstein, sparked me into energetic life…” So began my performance-paper at 4S 2015 [...]
Ebban an Flowan cover
Ebban An’ Flowan, a poetic primer for marine renewable energy
Book launch on 24 March. The Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney. Download poster | Facebook event Ebban an’ flowan is the world’s first poetic primer on [...]
Invisible Work in Marine Energy
Free to download. A collection of seven cards demonstrating the invisible work ongoing at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), in the Orkney islands, [...]
wordmap skaill
Pixels and Pencils Wordmap
As part of my performance paper at Nordic STS this year, at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, I created a Wordmap to guide visitors through my [...]
Zombie Futures in the Mobile Telecoms Industry
Read book chapter Future Archaeology: Re-Animating Innovation in the Mobile Telecoms Industry There is a long archaeology of futures in the mobile telecoms [...]

Poem for an Entangled Age, handcrafted book.

This poem was written and edited during the symposium Environmental Entanglements: Art, Technology & Natures at Det Kgl. Danske Videnskabernes Selskab, Copenhagen, 28-29 October 2014, where both artists and academics performed and discussed their work. The words are drawn from the speakers’ presentations and subsequent discussions. The poem was performed at the end of the event, as my response to being asked to sum up the entire event.

The poem was then printed and bound into a single, handmade book, as a material residue of that performance.

Live Performance

The poem was performed and recorded later. That recording is available to listen to on SoundCloud.

Listen to Poem for an Entangled Age

Online Book

The poem is also available to read as an online book.

Read Poem for an Entangled Age

Poem for an Entangled Age
Design Mailboats
This book chapter began as a performance keynote at 4S/EASST 2012 annual conference in Copenhagen. Lucy Suchman, Pelle Ehn, and myself were asked to [...]
Energy as Alien
In collaboration with my colleague on the Alien Energy project, Brit Ross Winthereik, I have been delighted to be included in the Land Art Generator [...]
The Work of a Poetic Ethnographer
In September 2014 I gave a paper-performance on my poetic research methods at the Department for Thematic Studies, Social and Technical Change (TEMA-T), [...]
Energy Walk Album
Energy Walk
The ‘Energy Walk’ is an ethnographic installation in the landscape. It weaves together the sand dunes and harbour seascape of the Danish Wave [...]
Living at the End of the World
I was asked to perform a keynote that spoke to issues of energy security, risk, and futures. This keynote was given at ‘Translations of [...]
Liminal Futures
I am delighted that my prose-poem ‘Liminal Futures’ has now been published as part of the edited volume Subversion, Conversion, Development: [...]
Data Stories
This art book is my second collaboration with Orkney publisher and poet, Alistair Peebles. This time we have been working with the wonderful artist and [...]
Alien Energy Fanzine friction page
Alien Energy Fanzine
As part of our ongoing collaboration with those involved in marine energy, both in Denmark and in Orkney islands, we developed a ‘fanzine’–a [...]
Travel Guide to the Futures
In a collaborative 2-day workshop Making Futures, Challenging Innovation at the Participatory Design Conference (PDC 2012) Roskilde, we created an [...]
Listen to Myths of the Mobile Telecoms Industry
As part of my PhD Thesis, I created a series of stories that were interventions into the future of the mobile telecoms industry. ‘Sand14’ is a [...]
Welcome to the Zone
Welcome to the Zone: Experiments in Writing
Online collection of experimental writing. I had the honour of running a Creative Writing workshop for PhD students, Writing Imaginaries, Making Futures as [...]
Two Pebbles and a Poem
I was asked by Kim Sawchuk to contribute to a special issue on Media Arts Revisited in the Canadian Journal of Communications. For this academic article, I [...]
Planned Edge: Planning Issues at the Land/Sea Interface
Report from Public Workshop on the ongoing issues for the future of the marine energy industry, as it struggles with the planning disjuncture between land [...]